10 Benefits of Content Marketing

“Groove Special”

1.  Content Marketing will Benefit Your Wallet- Cost Effective

Information you already have should be your main source of content. Your Knowledge is valuable
PLR Private Label Rights– Rewrite and reword with your own style, not necessarily word for word- your wording
Reusable content– No sense in creating new content if it is relevant and congruent with your offer
Easily shared- there are many ways to share content nowadays with a link, you can download, email, video, audio etc…
FREE to create– your content is absolutely free especially if it is your knowledge no need to use resources YOU are the resource

2. CM Helps You Build a Relationship With Your Audience

Communication- very important you have to communicate your goal and it has to be congruent with your offer
Build Rapport- your message has got to relate to your audience to start building a strong relationship based on trust
KLT– Know, Like and Trust … Be Groovey!!
Brand Loyalty– when somebody buys, you want them to be satisfied and want to keep coming back for more for years to come
Meaningful Connection– your connection has to be tactible and your content has to be valuable and help your customer

3. Content Marketing Lets you Be the Resource

Always share valuable information and insights– the more valuable your content with beneficial solutions you have the better for you
Demonstrate Value– if you can show the benefits of your production in your content with media, text, and audio
Present yourself as the expert – YOU are the resource
Build Trust – When you have a person’s TRUST it can last a lifetime, if you lose that Trust it can be gone Forever
More likely to be referred– when delivering value to your audience you will more than likely be referred to other people


4. Content Marketing Gives You The Competitive Edge

You can start on a low budget, FREE is the lowest, your knowledge is content share it on social media
Be competitive– in an ocean you have got to be a shark to have a competitor’s edge, and that can be your content
Level the playing field by sharing content- this can be on different levels with video, audio, email, and social medias
Professional Insight with Unique Perspectives!
Big corporations don’t have a monopoly on knowledge! Tap into the knowledge resource and teach what is not known

5. Content Marketing is not Industry Specific

Any industry can benefit from content marketing- you can be a dog trainer or a Fortune 500 Business owner
Little creativity is needed- everybody has a skill that others may benefit from, find out what they want and give them what they need
Not niche specific– benefits any niche from Internet Marketing to Health and Fitness
Provide value that your customer can use and benefit from not only now but for years to come in their business

6. Content Marketing Helps to Educate Your Customers

(FAQ) Have a frequently asked questions spot for your people on your site, posts, or pages
Increase knowledge with your content– not only provide the answer demonstrate how or teach them how to do it themselves
By sharing– share the benefits of your offer rather than the features, Sell the Sizzle, rather than the Steak
Focus on your interactions with your customers- this will help build your relationship with your customer
How can I help and why do you need help?

7. Empower Your Customers With Content Marketing

When your customers are knowledgeable they will make clearer and Concise decisions
Savvier and easier to work with– being empowered you will feel like you can accomplish anything and will have more confidence
More engagement– the energy level is higher when the community is on the same level and on the same page
Appreciation- you will be appreciative of all your gains and accept defeat at times but don’t let it overcome you
Grateful customers will stay longer– consistency and value are key to keeping your customers happy and grateful and will keep coming


8. Content Marketing Can Lead To Viral Campaigns

Don’t create content with the intention on going viral– there will be less disappointment just focus on how much value you give
Creating content naturally and from integral directness= basically just be yourself and act natural, be honest, give quality content-Viral
Factors will lead to viral exposure, varies- there are many factors that will lead to going viral tough to pin down
Likeliness– you are more likely to go viral when you create content than when you don’t.


9. With Content Marketing You Are In Control of Your Message

Your business your content– you want to Brand yourself in your business then you can Represent- Branding and Representation
Control your audience with crafted messages- my message here is to let you know the benefits of CM and to Get Into the GROOVE-
Congruence- use your content, make sure it is congruent with your Groove that you are laying down, you feel me??
Advertising and other marketing messages may not be the best communication- when you see an ad you know you are getting sold not so much with Content Marketing
Content Marketing you have flexibility to control your message to your audience- any area that needs attention it can be addressed with your content

10. Content Marketing – Recycle Your Information

Over and Over– the more valuable your content the more you can use it, the more your customer will benefit from your content, they will come back to consume it over and over again
Originality– use your own creativity and imagination with your content to connect with your audience
Stories– with a story you can find ways to connect your audience- with your content by showing curiosity and grooviness
More value shown will bring a more sustainable customer base
Creating your own content allows you to tap into your own USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

To Your Success,

Jason Maestas


P.S. Remember to Stay Groovey and Get Into Your Groove!


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