Follow Me In My Online Journey To Success With Affiliate Marketing

Follow Me In My Online Journey To Success With Affiliate Marketing


I am Jason Maestas a 44 year old Veteran, used to be a Custodian at San Juan College, I am married to an amazing woman,  we have 6 awesome dogs, 2 ornery ass cats, and 2 great turtles. I have a Welding degree and welded for a couple of years until my eyes started giving me hell, and since then I don’t weld anymore. Since Covid hit I have been online and I am here to tell you that is not going to be a smooth ride, and money is not going to come flying out of the computer screen anytime you hit a couple of buttons on the keyboard. Some people have made very successful careers online, that only comes to those who are willing to put in the hard work, late nights and the persistence it takes to be successful.

I am in the MMO or Make Money Online space on the interwebs, I know how hard it is to try to make it online now a days as an entrepreneur, with that being said, trying to go at it alone with no help is almost impossible especially if you are not in the know. I would also love to help the new and incoming marketer/entrepreneur to get started with the right guidance. You can start your online journey to the path of success and financial freedom, and live the laptop lifestyle. I am not quite there yet so you can go on this journey together, what I know I will definitely share and help when and where I can. We are all human in this world and we all need help, when it comes to online marketing in any niche or market and I don’t care WHO you are, you need HELP.

What I am getting at here is, I believe the very first step in a new marketers tool bag should be to seek out the influential people in your particular niche and study them, see what makes them tick and how they operate, what moves are they making to stay successful , and when you have an idea of what and who you are interested in take action get under their radar and seek guidance/mentorship. You can ask every single successful entrepreneur now and they will tell you that they owe a good deal of their success and getting their name and brand in front of the right people to move forward with their business, was due solely to having a mentor or mentors.

It would of have been nice when I got started to have somebody show me the right way to go about getting started successfully. You can be successful without chasing every little shiny object out there around. Don’t think that because these GURUS are out there trying to sell you the world that their product is so much better than everybody else’s. They tell you are going to get rich in ten minutes, but only if you follow their system. Sure you have heard this bs before. Don’t fall for all the hype, use your judgement and trust your instincts. Please don’t think that this is a get rich quick scheme in any sense, it takes time to build a presence online then build rapport with said audience you are building your presence with. While building rapport, your audience has got to know, like, and trust you (KLT)

Thank you for taking the time to read About Me, I just want to give a little insight about where I am coming from and how I would like to help new online/affiliate/email/network marketers with the tools, information about different ways to help their business in List Building, Email Marketing, Traffic and alot more… Follow me on this  journey in affiliate marketing and hopefully you can be successful together. Since I am going through this journey inside John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success, you can follow along too by taking the same journey by Clicking Here.

To Your Success Always

In Life and Business,

Jason Maestas