Avoid Distractions, Always Work With An End Goal In Mind!

Going down the never ending rabbit hole to brokedom fast. Wait, the last Guru said that his product will bring me thousands in

seconds all I have to do is implement their secret formula and strategy, but you have to follow it to the T.

You know damn well it is going to take you at least a week to involve yourself into that product to see any kind of…..

oOOH what is this on Facebook, look at what this new “Shiny Object” can do….

Wait a minute, did you see what just happened there, you know you have done it before.


What I am trying to get at is don’t fall victim to the Shiny Object Syndrome, the only reason I am saying anything about this matter is I am Prime example of

chasing these Shiny little objects thinking that the next one is going to make me rich. I have got some Real Talk for you, that is some Bullshit, there is not a

product on the web today that is going to make you rich overnight. Sure of course they sell you on the notion that everything is awesome and it will only get better

when you buy their product. I got news for you it Doesn’t!!


If you are new, please, if you are going to Buy something, make sure it is going to bring YOU some kind of value, or is it going to benefit you monetarily in the long-run.

Try using or implementing the product into your business and if it benefits you,  as an affiliate promote the shiznit out of it,

on the same note if it sucks do a review and let others know it is not worth a shit.

If you are selling  your own product you should be in the same mindset as how is my product going to help the consumer,

or how much value am I going to provide my customer. Don’t be a DICK, I think it is your

responsibility as the vendor to provide an integral asset that will benefit the user now and for years to come in their business, not just to make a quick buck.


I do believe I have found the path to GREATNESS, if there was a shiny object killer for me it would have to be the decision of doing something like Taking Action,

instead of chasing the shiny objects, I am going to learn how to create a valuable product, while generating an income.

That is which I am going to show you when you follow me, you can do the same thing when going through

John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success.

To Your Success,

Jason Maestas

P.S. There are some great people behind the scenes in my Mentoring:

Omar and Melinda Martin are amazing. They run a 7-figure Online Business- Higher Level Strategies.

I am a student of theirs in Their My Unfair Advantage or MUA, it is awesome to be a part of.

Just in case you are wondering where in the hell did this Jason Maestas come from and why should I listen to the likes of him

right? I know the deal and I hope we can change that and get to know one another, in an online business partnership kinda way..



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