Another day going through the Partnership To Success, and the training is Top Notch, John shows you step-by-step on how to set up your blog and make it look professional. A professional looking website is very important to the consumer, especially if you have some eye popping attention getters like your logo.  It is a good idea if you want to have an extra appealing look to your site with some paid graphics, it will help if your site looks professional, rather than a quick DIY on Canva.

If you notice on my first post and just this one, how much my blog has changed visually, it is taking me some time but I want everything to be right and this is my first time going through a training that is so involved, but the end result is going to be running a successful thriving business online. Ultimately by the end of the journey I should be able to create my own product and have a thriving business

So far through my journey I have used and going to use throughout my journey:

I am enjoying the training and I am confident I will be seeing success in this program very soon and I will be posting my progress.

To Your Success,

Jason Maestas


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