The Bloggers Roadmap

Hey there bloggers,

Jason here with a review on the Bloggers Roadmap by Dan Sumner.

I will not label myself as no blogging guru by far obviously, what I know about blogging, from setting up my website

in wordpress to the actual blogging itself I owe to the training that is in the bloggers roadmap. I am going to

breakdown the training within by the module, there are 9 training modules:

  1. The Bloggers Roadmap Beginning

    – In this module the training videos will teach the basic fundamentals when starting your blog like your domain, hosting, and installing wordpress. Of course the domain and hosting is going to be what Dan uses, you are free to use the hosting of your choice just remember it will be easier to follow the training if you were congruent in having the same tools as the trainer!

  2. Bloggers Roadmap Getting Ready

    – This module contains training on your new blog and what it will bring you, the dashboard business- a walkthrough on how to navigate through your wordpress dashboard and how you want your blog setup, linking structure- making sure your links are congruent with your offer, starting your posts off the right way, and getting comments off on the right foot.

  3. Bloggers Roadmap Getting the Look and Customizing- 

    This module consists of choosing and installing your theme, Adding banners and favicons, Changing menus and footer links, The ePanel, Setting up pages, menus, links and more.. Introduction to opt-in.

  4. Bloggers Roadmap Building Your Subscriber Army and Some Widgets-

    This module talks about your Opt-in first steps, Simple report setup, Advanced opt-in, Working with the sidebar, The popup, and social sharing.

  5. Bloggers Roadmap It’s Plugin Time- 

    this module talks about making contact, security, the super cache, SEO, Analytics, and Your own Facebook Page.

  6. Bloggers Roadmap Posting Content and Engagement-

    This module talks about Engagement, Posting, Post Structures, Images, and shares.

  7. Bloggers Roadmap Traffic Tactics (Bonus)- 

    Theory and Practical Training.

  8. Bloggers Roadmap Working with Ads- 

    This module talks about Ads intro, Affiliate links and Banners, Google Ads, and Your own products.

  9. Bloggers Roadmap Interviews- 

    This module has interviews with some leading industry experts for you to listen to..  You are going to have to get The Bloggers Roadmap to find out!!

I do believe this is the most in depth blogging training that you can get from a well respected blogging expert in the

industry. I am still going through the bloggers roadmap and still learning as I go through it. I have not found

anything that is wrong or that will lead you in the wrong direction, if you follow the training the way Dan lays it out

for you there shall be no problem. Like I said I am still going through it and learning, having fun at the same time

blogging don’t have to be boring or dull. So if you are having some doubts about blogging or you just want to learn

and didn’t know where to start, now you can stop looking because the Bloggers Roadmap is the complete training

for the new or experienced blogger.


To Your Success,

Jason Maestas




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